These videos and photos are from the visit to Ethiopia late September 2012 as part of Montgomery County (MD) Delegation to establish a Sister City Relationship with the City of Gondar.

These videos and pictures are NOT professional quality. They are a 'labor of love', intended to highlight the spirit of the visit through the lens of one participant. Others took wonderful pictures and videos as well. Much of that will be available soon... Stay tuned!

These videos and photos are NOT intended for commercial use. However, if you'd like to share them, that is ok... Do please let me know by e-mailing HERE(Please also e-mail me if you find broken links, misplaced photos, etc.)

Thanks - and enJoy!

Reemberto Rodriguez, Sr.
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All Photos (In Chronological Order)
NOTE: There are 600+ pictures. It will take a while to look through all of them!... So, we've 'categorized them' for simpler viewing as follows:



Health and Education

Historic Sites and Museum

Landscape and Panoramic Views

Street Scenes and People

Personal Photos

EXTRA! Nearly a year later (June, 2013) a CNN "Inside Africa" episode is devoted to Lalibela. See it HERE  Great videos!